5 Easy Hiking Trails in The Smoky Mountains

June 11, 2018

You may think you’ll have to hike for miles up rough terrain to see some of the prettiest views and coolest places in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but that’s not the case! There are several easy hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains that lead to picture perfect waterfalls and historic buildings in the park.  Whether you’re a pro or novice hiker you’ll have a great time exploring these easy trails!

1. Andrews Bald

The hike to Andrews Bald starts at the Clingmans Dome parking lot. The hike is 3.6 miles round trip. The vast majority of the hike to Andrews Bald is down the mountain. Once you reach the bald mountain top you’ll be treated to great views of the North Carolina mountains. It’s the perfect place to relax and even have a picnic. During late summer months you can even find wild blackberries and raspberries along the trail! This is one of very few easy hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains that has a mountain view! 

2. Walker Sisters Placewalker sisiters place

If you want to see a place in the park with plenty of history the Walker Sisters Place is great to visit! Also known as the Little Brier Gap Trail, it is 2.6 miles roundtrip. The path of the trail is wide and fairly even making it easy to navigate. The main draw of this trail is getting to explore the old schoolhouse and homestead of the Walker Sisters. This is a fantastic and calm trail to explore.

2. Grotto Falls


The hike to Grotto Falls is short and lovely. You will access the trail along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, and it is about 2.6 miles round trip. The trail is well worn, but does have rocky sections so closed-toe shoes are highly recommend. Grotto Falls is 25 feet high, and is the only waterfall that you can actually walk behind, but be mindful of slippery rocks.

4. Big Creek Trail/Mouse Creek Falls

Big Creek Trail follows an old railroad grade that was used to haul lumber out of the mountains in the 20th century. The roundtrip length is 4 miles. The hike is relatively flat with a very gentle incline. Along the trail, you will pass the Midnight Hole, a picturesque pool below a 6 foot tall waterfall. A little farther up and to the right is Mouse Creek Falls. Here there is a place to sit and admire the 45 feet tall waterfall.

baskins creek falls5. Baskins Creek Falls

You can reach the trailhead of the Baskins Creek Trail along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. The trail is 3 miles round trip, and has a short, easy climb to the waterfall. You can catch glimpses of the mountains along the hike, and may even see some local wildlife! The waterfall is two-tiered and 40 feet tall! Once you reach the waterfall you can relax, admire the waterfall, and have a picnic.

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly difficult! You can see amazing sights just by exploring this list of easy hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains! When you are ready to gain some elevation and see some great mountain views check out our list of best scenic views in the Smoky Mountains!