4 Less Crowded Hikes in the Smoky Mountains to Try

August 06, 2018

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park receives over 9 million visitors a year! So you may think it’s not possible to find not-crowded places in the park. However, that’s not true! We’re sharing several hikes in the Smoky Mountains that are less crowded than others and that are wonderfully peaceful!

1. Middle Prong Trail

The Middle Prong Trail is a strenuous hike and is around 8.3 miles roundtrip. However, it is considered to be one of the prettiest and best waterfall hikes in the Smoky Mountains. The Middle Prong Trail is located in Tremont. At four-tenths of a mile hikers will reach the Lower Lynn Falls. This waterfall is 35 feet tall and multi-tiered. Not long after, hikers will pass Lynn Camp Falls. Along this trail hikers will come across old structures and objects like the shell of an old Cadillac and a stone chimney. At 4 miles in on the trail you will reach Indian Flats Falls, which is 60 feet tall and triple-tiered.

2. Deep Creek LoopIndian Creek Falls in the Smoky Mountains

Deep Creek Loop is full of wildflowers and waterfalls to admire. The trail is around 4.6 miles roundtrip. Within the first mile you will come across Toms Branch Falls. Almost another mile later hikers will turn towards Indian Creek Trail in order to stay on the original loop. This section of the loop will lead you pass the gorgeous Indian Creek Falls. The trail becomes much quieter and calmer after you make it past Indian Creek. As hikers journey their way back down the last of the loop and to where they started you will pass Juney Whank Falls. This unique hike is definitely worth your time to see so much so quickly!

3. Hen Wallow Falls

The trip to Hen Wallow Falls is a pleasant one and travels through hemlock and rhododendron forest. The roundtrip distance of this trail is 4.4 miles, and is considered to be moderate in difficulty. Hen Wallow Falls is 90 feet tall! At the top of the waterfall its width across is only 2 feet, but at the base its width is 20 feet!

Gregory Bald4. Gregory Bald

If you are looking for gorgeous wildflowers and a one of a kind view then you need to take a hike up to Gregory Bald. The trail is 11.3 miles round trip and considered strenouse. Gregory Bald is most well known for the beautiful flame azaleas that grow atop it. They grow in fiery reds, yellows, pinks, and multi-colored. On clear days, you can even see Cades Cove from the bald! Many hikers agree that this strenuous hike is worth the trek up!

Any one of these beautiful and peaceful hikes in the Smoky Mountains will offer you the perfect peacefulness you are looking for in the national park. If you want to find some of the best and most exciting trails to explore in the Smoky Mountains click here!