Is the Little Greenbrier School in the Smoky Mountains Haunted?

October 06, 2022

There are several places in the Smoky Mountains that are known for being haunted. But did you know the Little Greenbrier School might also need to be on that list? Several people have spent the night at the school, and they have reported experiencing disturbances or strange occurrences. So if you want to know if the Little Greenbrier School in the Smoky Mountains is haunted, keep reading.

What is the Little Greenbrier School?

little greenbrier cemetary next to the schoolBefore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established, people lived in the mountains in small communities. They had homes, churches, cemeteries, and schools, just like the Little Greenbrier one. This particular school was built in 1882, and it was used as a school and a church until 1936.

Right next to the school is a cemetery. This graveyard was managed by the Primitive Baptist congregation that used the building as their church. If you walk through or beside the cemetery, you will see several headstones with names and dates.

What has happened at the school?

So why are people thinking the Little Greenbrier School is haunted?

Some people have spent time at the schoolhouse at night. They claim to have heard footsteps when they know that no one in their party was up walking around.

Others said they have seen orbs floating in the air or flashes of light inside the school and outside near the cemetery.

People have also claimed to see someone walking at the windows or near the doorways. They also have heard people speak who weren’t there.

How to Get to the School

little greenbrier schoolhouse in the great smoky mountains

If you want to see the Little Greenbrier School and the cemetery yourself, you can! It’s fairly easy to get there. The trailhead is located right outside of Metcalf Bottom’s parking lot. The roundtrip length of Metcalf Bottoms Trail is 1.5 miles, and it’s a fairly easy climb. You’ll come to the schoolhouse and cemetery first, and if you want, you can continue to the Walker Sisters Cabin.

Other Haunted Places in the Smoky Mountains

Can’t get enough of haunted spots in the Smokies? There are plenty of other places you may want to explore.

Roaring Fork Motor Trail

If you’ve visited the Smoky Mountains before, you may have driven along the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. But did you know some people say they’ve seen spirits along the way? These people claim they see a barefoot woman walking along the road, and she appears to be looking for a ride.

Elkmont Ghost Town

inside a building in the elkmont ghost town in the smoky mountainsThe Elkmont Ghost Town isn’t just called a ghost town because no one lives there anymore. People have claimed to hear strange noises or get a creepy feeling of being watched while they are exploring the abandoned vacation cottages.

LeConte Lodge

At the summit of Mount LeConte, you will find LeConte Lodge. Many people make reservations to hike to the top of the mountain and stay overnight before they head home the next day. Some of these guests say that they wake up exactly at 3:33 in the morning to see a little girl standing at the foot of their bed, and in the next second, she is gone. No one knows who she is or what she wants!

So, is the Little Greenbrier School haunted? You’ll have to decide for yourself! If you want to visit another possibly haunted spot in the Smokies, you should make plans to see the Elkmont Ghost Town on your next trip.