Top 4 Reasons You Should Hike with Smoky Mountain Llama Trek

July 18, 2019

Want to try a twist on hiking in the Smoky Mountains? Go hiking with Smoky Mountain Llama Trek! You can enjoy your favorite past time in a new way when you go with llamas! Check out these top 4 reasons why you should hike with Smoky Mountain Llama Trek:

1. Have a Variety of Trails

Whether you’re new to hiking or hiking is your favorite past time, Smoky Mountain Llama Trek has a trail for you! Padgett Mill Trail is the only trail that starts and ends at the llama farm. It includes a visit to the farm to learn about the llamas, what they eat, their personalities, and so much more. This trail is considered easy to moderate and comes with 2 options: a short, 1 mile trek or the extended 2 mile trek. Creek Hollow Trail takes you through the woods, over creeks, and even on a footbridge. It is considered moderate and is a total of 2 miles long.

2. Pick Your Package

Great Smoky Mountains National Park mountain viewSmoky Mountain Llama Trek has a few trail options to choose from, meaning you get to decide what kind of experience you want. You can choose from the previous trail options mentioned above, or you can look into some of their other offerings. They have an overnight hiking experience where you’ll hike to a bald on the first stay, stay overnight, then come home the next day after exploring the Pisgah National Forest. If you have someone you know who wouldn’t want to hike but would love to meet the llamas, you can also do that at the llama farm! If you do want to hike and want to see the farm, you can request this when you sign up.

3. Visit Their Farm

Smoky Mountain Llama Trek is more than happy to allow guests to visit their farm where the llamas live when they aren’t hiking the trails. You can choose to just visit the farm, or visit the farm and then go hiking. When you visit the farm, you’ll get to be up close and personal with the llamas. The guides will teach you all about them, and you can see their personalities and how they differ. You may even get to feed the llamas, especially if you bring them their favorite snacks, which include graham crackers and bananas. Many of the llamas will allow you to pet them and some even enjoy hugs! You have no need to worry about them being aggressive or spitting on you; the Garrets, the owners of Smoky Mountain Llama Trek, ensure their llamas are trained to not spit or kick.

4. Hike with the Llamas

white llamaOf course, the main reason you should go on a hike with Smoky Mountain Llama Trek is because you get to hike with llamas! This is such a unique experience, and if you love hiking, why not making it even more interesting? These are professionally trained pack animals, so they can carry coolers with water and snacks, chairs, and tables. Llamas’ backbone is not meant to hold the weight of a person, so you can’t ride the llamas. The way they carry equipment is by evenly distributing it on their sides.

Try hiking with Smoky Mountain Llama Trek for a new experience! Would you like more information on hiking in this area? Read our guide on hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains.