The 5 Highest Peaks in the Smoky Mountains to See

November 19, 2018

There’s no shortage of breathtaking views in the Smoky Mountains! The Smokies boast a chain of mountains with summits that are all higher than 5,000 feet for over 36 miles! Does that have you wondering what the tallest point in the Smokies is? We’re sharing the 5 highest peaks in the Smoky Mountains and how you can visit some of them! Be prepared for some of the most breathtaking views in the Great Smoky Mountains!

1. Clingmans Dome

Clingmans Dome itself may not be a mountain, but it’s still the highest point in the Smoky Mountains. At 6,643 feet, it is the highest peak in the Smoky Mountains, and it’s one of the easiest to get to! Every year, thousands of visitors come to the dome to see breathtaking, panoramic views of the Smokies. When it’s clear you can see for over 100 miles! The trail up to the observation tower is paved and less than a mile!

You can reach Clingmans Dome by following Clingmans Dome Road. Keep in mind the following:

– Clingmans Dome Road is closed from the end of November to the beginning of April due to possible icy conditions at this high elevation.

– Because of the high elevation, always bring a jacket. It can be anywhere from a 10 to 20 degree difference up here than in the lower elevation of the Smokies.

2. Mount LeConteMount Leconte

Mountain LeConte is the third highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but is is the highest peak completely in the state of the Tennessee. Mount LeConte is 6,593 feet tall in elevation. It is one of the most well known points in the Smokies, and is a bucket list place to visit for many avid hikers. The views taken in from LeConte are boasted to be some of the best in the national park! There’s also Mount LeConte Lodge at the summit. You can reach the summit of Mount LeConte via several trails including the Alum Cave Trail, the Boulevard Trail, Bullhead Trail, Rainbow Falls Trail, and Trillium Gap Trail.

3. Mount Guyot

Mount Guyot is the second highest peak in the Smokies. It is located along the North Carolina and Tennessee border. It’s elevation is 6,621 feet. Mount Guyot is not  a popular tourist destination because it pretty isolated in its location and has rough terrain. However, parts of the Appalachian Trail do cross over the mountain. The Ramsey Cascades, one of the park’s most amazing waterfalls spills off the back western slope of Mt. Guyot.

4. Mount Buckley

Mount Buckley is the fourth highest point in the Smoky Mountains. It’s popular because it’s the nearest mountain to Clingmans Dome. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail will pass over this mountain and those that do will be treated to some wonderful views along the way! But for the passerby in a car there are several scenic vistas to stop and admire.

Sunset over the Smoky Mountains5. Mount Love

At 6,420 feet, Mount Love is the fifth highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains. This is another summit that hikers of the Appalachian Trail will pass through. Mount Love is also near Clingmans Dome.

So it’s possible to experience several of the highest peaks in the Smoky Mountains. While a couple of the others are better seen from the car unless you plan to hike the AT. If you can’t get enough the gorgeous views the Smokies have to offer then make sure to check out 6 of the best trails with scenic views in the national park.